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Privacy International hits out at unconsented Facebook tracking within apps

Popular apps like Kayak and Duolingo are firing off users' Google ad IDs to Facebook the moment apps are launched.

How much more time would telstra take to activate

I had purchased a Telstra Home broadband connection ( DSL ) on 5 Dec 2018, and it was supposed to be activated by 13 Dec 2018. Firstly the ...


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SoftBank earmarks HAPS plans for Australia

Says Lendlease "supporting" local introduction of technology.

How Labor and Telstra's NBN ambitions might merge

A key element of the T22 plan is to separate all Telstra infrastructure other than its wireless network – including all of its national broadband network ...

Vodafone mobile broadband connection manager download

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi creates a personal portable Wi-Fi network. Mobile broadband from Vodafone is ready to use straight out of the box, and has ...

The Telstra share price fell 23% in 2018

He said: “The price we charge our competitors for access to our network, when they provide broadband services to their customers, is set by the ACCC ...

Rio Tinto completes rollout of world-first autonomous iron ore rail operation

Mining Giant creates 'world's largest robot' as its driverless rail network goes live in Pilbara, Western Australia.

Outage cable outage in effect?? 2161 nsw

Anyone else experiencing an optus cable internet outage? Mine has been down for about an hour.

How The Soviet Union Once Built The Noisiest Airliner In The World Out Of A Nuclear Bomber

It’s the 1950s, and you’re the Soviet Union. Your deepest rivals, the Americans and their corporations, are all preparing the latest and greatest jet airliners to fly them all over the world. And you’ve got... pretty much nothing. But you do have a huge bomber ready to deliver the apocalypse. More Â»

Why Is Jeff Bezos On A Horse? Here Are Some Random Guesses

Why is Amazon CEO and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos a cowboy now? On Monday—New Year’s Eve—the Western-themed apparel store Kemo Sabe posted a video of Bezos riding a horse right on into what appears to be the entrance of its Aspen, Colorado branch (apparently accompanied by his brother, Mark). More Â»

Divinity Is Dangerous In This Preview Of American Gods Season 2

A reckless drive, a bunker, and two new gods on the brink. Seems routine, right? More Â»

The Biggest Letdowns We Drove In 2018

You often hear people say “there aren’t really bad cars any more” because even cheap cars from basic brands are generally decent and safe in 2018. That’s true, to an extent. But that doesn’t mean all cars are good, either. And we found plenty to bag on this year anyway. More Â»

PSA: You Can Now Read The Screenplay For Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Online

One of the most interesting ways of exploring the craft of a film is to read the screenplay. A good screenplay is a blueprint for the film based on it: it tells you so much of what you need to know, lets you visualise the building without actually fully encompassing it. It lets you understand what decisions were made in the filming and editing processes, and why. More Â»

8 Tricks To Improve The Picture On Your New TV

Right now is one of the best times to buy a new TV. In early January, TV makers will announce their 2019 sets at CES, so all the 2018 set will be cheaper than usual as companies work to burn off their old inventory. And seeing as all those new, 2019 TVs won’t start showing up in stores until March, at the earliest you’ve got a few months to enjoy your set without being envious of others. But you know what will make your TV even more enjoyable? These tricks for significantly improving its image quality. More Â»

Some Notable Mobile Phone Firsts In History

Pick your super-slim, super-powerful smartphone out of your pocket today, and it’s easy to forget just how far mobile technology has come in the last 20 years or so—and here we want to pay tribute to the major firsts in the industry. Not the first mobile phone itself—which we covered in detail here—but other first phones, like the first phone with 3G or the first phone to have an app store. More Â»


... transferred from a cable plan, where I was getting a constant 50mbps, to the new Unlimited Home Broadband + Streaming Premium Speed - - 796677.

How your TV or broadband bill might creep up in the new year

If you keep writing the previous year in dates on Jan. 1, good news: Your pay-TV or broadband service may remind you that it's no longer 2019 by ...

Waymo's Autonomous Vehicles Are Reportedly Facing Ongoing Attacks

In Arizona, the same state where one of Uber’s self-driving cars struck and killed a pedestrian, people have reportedly been vandalizing autonomous vehicles operated by Waymo, the Google spin-off owned by Alphabet. More Â»

Turn Off 'Tap Twice And Drag' To Make Your Laptop Touchpad Instantly Better

If you wanted a top-of-the-line keyboard and touchpad experience, there used to be one answer: Apple's Macbook line. It's a part of the Windows laptop experience that has been steadily improving over the last few years, however, much to my delight. But not every PC maker's touchpad is quite up to snuff, especially if you're buying a lower end laptop. Fortunately, there's an option buried within the Windows settings that can improve your touchpad experience markedly. More Â»

Live Updates On The New Horizons Flyby Of Ultima Thule

Just hours into 2019, the New Horizons spacecraft was confirmed to have made its flyby of the mysterious Kuiper Belt object Ultima Thule without issue. More Â»

The Hidden Beauty Of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch's Best Ending

Netflix’s latest television experiment, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, has several possible endings to the story. Some quick, others more detailed. But one of them stands out, giving us a poetic story that—unlike all the others in the film—was only made possible through its interactivity. It may not be the only way the story ends, but it is the only way it ends correctly. More Â»

Get Started On Your 2019 Reading List With All These New Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books

It’s 2019! If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to “read more sci-fi and fantasy,” we’ve got all kinds of great suggestions to get you started. And if that isn’t on your list of ways to self-improve, you just might get inspired to add it after seeing all the new books that January has to offer. More Â»

How To Set Up Your iPad To Be The Best Laptop Replacement It Can Be

Apple wants you to use your iPad or your iPad Pro like a proper computer: But how do you go about doing that? And does it actually work? Here are the apps, software tweaks, and accessories you need to turn your Apple tablet into a makeshift laptop—and some of the annoyances you’re still going to come across. More Â»

How To Run A Different OS Without Buying A New Computer

Maybe you’ve grown tired of your current laptop or desktop operating system and you just want to try something different. Or maybe you need to use multiple OSes for work. Either way, the need for a new operating system doesn’t mean you need a whole new computer. There are numerous ways to run other operating systems without going out and buying a new machine. We’ve gathered your options, with the pros and cons for each, below. More Â»

NBN via HFC , Arcadyan modem

We've recently signed up to Telstra NBN over HFC using the Arcadyan modem. Previosuly on Telstra cable broadband. Since switching to NBN I find ...

Bad News, Windows XP Gamers

People are reluctant to change. And when it comes to programs and operating systems, that's not necessarily a bad thing. But if you're one of the many who have stuck to Windows XP for your gaming, you're going to be very unhappy with how 2019 is panning out. More Â»

In A Year Without Game Of Thones, The Walking Dead Took The Piracy Iron Throne In 2018

Turns out the only way you can beat Game of Thrones consistent record as the most pirated piece of TV around is... to hope for a year where it doesn’t air at all. At least that won’t be a problem after this year! More Â»

Scientists Just Melted A Hole Through 3,500 Feet Of Ice To Reach A Mysterious Antarctic Lake

While you were baking cookies and binging Netflix shows over Christmas, a team of about 50 scientists, drillers, and support staff was attempting to punch through nearly 1,219.20m of ice to access an Antarctic subglacial lake for just the second time in human history. And folks, they did it. More Â»

TP-Link TL-R480T Load Balance Broadband Router

As new Load Balancing Router Featured with three changeable WANLAN ports, TLR480T supports up to 4 WAN ports, which can satisfy various ...

Stranger Things Finally Returns Internationally On July 4

Grab some fireworks, and get into the true spirit of Independence Day: freedom from a life with no new Stranger Things to watch. More Â»

Telstra Mobile Broadband 4G modem

Model Number MF91 Weight 105g No Sim Included Telstra Only Mobile Internet Access Allows up to five WiFi enabled devices to connect to it ...

Nokia's Long-Rumoured, Five-Camera Beast Could Get Announced Before The End Of January

Speculation about Nokia’s next flagship phone swirled this fall after leaks revealed a wild-looking rear-camera setup complete with five separate lenses. Nokia doesn’t seem quite ready to release any official details about the rumoured Nokia 9 PureView, but a new, high-res video shows why it might be the first noteworthy smartphone of 2019. More Â»

Exploding iPhone Story Reveals The One Good Thing About Women's Pants

It’s simple folks: Don’t sit on your phone. Or do, and end up like an Ohio man who claims his three-week-old iPhone XS Max exploded and set his rear ablaze. More Â»

Cops Forced To Explain That Zika-Tainted Meth Doesn't Exist After Dumb Prank Goes Viral

A social media prank concocted by a Louisiana police department over the weekend went unexpectedly viral and began being taken seriously by some, forcing the officers to clarify that—actually—local stockpiles of methamphetamine weren’t tainted with the Zika virus. More Â»

Google Has Lawsuit In Illinois Over Facial Recognition Scanning In Google Photos Dismissed

Google has had a lawsuit in Illinois over its facial-recognition software thrown out, with a judge dismissing the case on the grounds that the plaintiff in the case did not suffer “concrete injuries,” Bloomberg reported on Saturday. The ruling puts to rest one of three lawsuits against major tech companies for alleged violations of the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), with the Verge noting that cases against Facebook and Snapchat are still pending. More Â»

Sierra wireless mobile broadband network adapter mc8305

21 MB - Sierra Name : Mobile Broadband Connection Description : Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Network Adapter GUID ...

Larry Roberts, Grandfather Of The Internet, Dies At 81

Lawrence “Larry” Roberts, one of a small handful of people who can truly be called the grandparents of the internet, died of a heart attack on December 26 at his home in Redwood City, California. He was 81 years old. More Â»

NBN connection keeps drop out

Hi all, I can't remember how long I've been with TPG. I was with them for about 4 years until they decided to raise their prices but reduce the.

U.S. Government Shutdown Could Also Impact The FTC's Facebook Investigation: Report

The partial government shutdown now certain to stretch through into the new year will have sweeping effects, from stalling important scientific research to vast economic impacts. But according to the Washington Post, the partial shutdown could also affect an ongoing investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into social media giant Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. More Â»


It's been 10 days without internet and phone. Telstra Faults say need someone to come to house and book it in for me. Within 20 mins get text NBN say ...

New to broadband

Company offers cable television services across 140 cities and towns and high-speed cable broadband services across 21 cities in IndiaCut the ...

Aussie DNS servers breaking Smart TVs & stuff

Hi All, over the last few days i've noticed aussie DNS servers are responding to some DNS queries with IPv6 addresses. This is fine if the device ...

We Have Some Sweet Images From The Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Art Book

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is our favourite movie of the year. It’s so amazing in so many ways that we simply can’t stop thinking about it. Thankfully, Titan Books is here to help, with their newest title, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - The Art of the Movie by Ramin Zahed. And io9 has some exclusive images to show you. More Â»

O2 mobile broadband dongle

All you need is a laptop with a USB port – just plug your Virgin Media Mobile Broadband dongle in and you'll be online. About your ...

Foxtel cable cut

Today, on of all days, NY Eve, 31st Dec, the workers were rushing to install a 2000litre water tank in our backyard and a white pipe buried in the clay ...

My Health Record had 42 data breaches in 2017-18 but no 'malicious' attacks: ADHA

Highest category of breaches was due to attempted Medicare fraud, the Australian Digital Health Agency has said in its 2017-18 annual report.

White House mulls using emergency powers to ban Huawei and ZTE

The Trump administration is considering an executive order that would bar US companies from using telecommunications equipment made by China's Huawei and ZTE.

MYOB agrees to reduced KKR offer

Accounting software firm has until Febraury 2019 to seek out a superior offer.

Vocus eyes 5G to offset low-margin NBN business

Renegotiates Optus Wholesale agreement.

Home Affairs cannot be bothered listing all agencies with access to metadata

With a disclosure notice or court order, government agencies otherwise exempted are able to tap Australia's metadata stores.

AT&T 5G: Behind the scenes in Texas as the new mobile network goes live

ZDNet goes inside AT&T’s labs in Austin and Dallas, and its live trial in Waco, Texas, to see how the carrier launched its new network by the end of 2018.

SpaceX wants to take Starlink broadband Australia-wide

Asks spectrum licensing authorities not to artificially limit reach.

At least nine global MSPs hit in APT10 attacks: ACSC

HPE and IBM are reportedly among the managed service providers targeted by China's APT10 group. Meanwhile, the Australian Cyber Security Centre hasn't ruled out government agencies being among the end targets.

Apple halts sale of iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany: Report

Munich court orders Cupertino to stop sales of two iPhone models in Germany.

Canberra's tech report provides obvious digital outcomes

The 50-page document highlights what outcomes could be achieved, but misses the mark on how exactly it's going to make them happen.

NBN Co reveals daily duration of slow fixed wireless speeds

First release of congestion data.

Prospective MYOB buyer drops offer price

KKR & Co has gone in AU$0.40 per share cheaper than its initial offer.

Third Canadian detained in China amid Huawei spat

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has said the latest arrest of a Canadian in China was a "very separate case".

Australian court orders blocking of subtitle piracy sites

Roadshow has successfully argued that subtitle files infringe copyright law.

Australian universities use artificial intelligence to map global foreshore

Two Australian universities teamed up to apply artificial intelligence to map the loss of crucial coastal environments around the world.

Microsoft Australia doubles net profit following local revenue recognition boost

Although the company had an income tax charge of AU$53 million for 2018, it paid AU$175 million to the ATO throughout the year.

NBN Co makes play for mm-wave 5G spectrum

Asks for 26 GHz licenses in all parts of wireless footprint.

Australian court awaits PayPal to release funds of alleged GTA V software cheat

The man accused of making cheat software for Grand Theft Auto V claims a 'confidential' document that he is yet to view is required to properly prepare for his defence.

Cloud and automation allows Ticketek to sell thousands of tickets at once

Automation will allow for smooth ticket-selling when Ticketek's traffic spikes from essentially zero to 300,000 for 'hot shows'.

Huawei calls for evidence against company to be shown: Report

Chairman of Chinese giant has reportedly said there is no evidence his company is a security threat.

New traffic cameras to snitch on texting drivers in NSW

The cameras will be able to tell if a driver is using their mobile phone illegally.

Human Services still deliberating over paused child support system

The new IT platform was paused in mid-2016 with the department waiting on a yet to be published report from Deloitte to determine how to proceed.

Telstra to take quarter-stake in Southern Cross Cable

Wants slice of 72 Tbps NEXT action.

Czech cyber watchdog calls Huawei, ZTE products a security threat

Concerns spread east.

NBN Co reveals FTTN premises that never hit 25Mbps peak speeds

Even after the coexistence period ends.

Qualcomm to file suits in Chinese courts to ban iPhone XS, XR sales

Wants courts in China to ban sales of Apple's latest iPhone models.

NBN Co reveals 58 percent of HFC network still unserviceable

Almost 1.2m premises can’t support a retail service.

TPG, Vodafone $15bn merger met with ACCC 'concerns'

Decision unlikely before end of March.

Govt estimates fixed voice users in NBN satellite and wireless areas

Further breakdown of numbers released last week now possible.

NBN Co technicians missed 430 appointments a day

New rebate regime could be costly.

Dense Air offers to extend reach of Aussie 5G networks

Reveals use for $18.5m of spectrum snapped up in recent auction.

Japan's top three telcos to exclude Huawei, ZTE network equipment -Kyodo

Plan not to use current equipment and upcoming 5G gear .

Qualcomm wins preliminary China import ruling against some iPhone models

Patent violations around software features.

Telcos fork out big for 5G in NSW-QLD regional corridor

As metropolitan prices come in bang on reserve.

Qld govt sets up FibreCo to offer internet backhaul

Promises cheap, fast services 'north of Brisbane'.

NBN Co may have to pay users stuck in congested wireless cells

Also tries to call time on 'blame game' around fixing faults.

Expired Ericsson cert causes UK and Japan mega outages

Manual updates being rolled out.