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Problems at National Broadband Network, NBN

Problems at National Broadband Network, NBN. Published: 01/15/2018 7:45 p.m.. By: National Broadband Network, NBN is having issues since 7:45 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity)

Broadband Speeds (ADSL, Cable, NBN and Velocity). I rang for the 100% dicount on the 10th to go from 25mgps to 50 mgbs was told it would be done within 24 to 72 hrs for ny NBN fttp. Rang again today to see way my speed had not increased. ONE HOUR on the phone. Three different people.

Order status?

I had a broadband and fetch tv service at my house and wanted to continue the service when I moved into my new home. I went online and relocated my.


So frustrated with Telstra. I live in Brisbane near Chermside. Built a new house and moved in at beginning of December. Started process of arranging internet connection 3 months before. - 731071.

NBN Speeds

Rather than giving me a boost to 1000GB that i will never use wouldnt it be better to give me something I need like speed instead. - 731011.

NBN apologises for wrong Blue Mountains connection dates

In limbo: Simon Harriott at his Warrimoo home where his NBN connection is not listed until 2019. The National Broadband Network has apologised to Blue Mountains residents for listing incorrect connection dates on the company's website. Warrimoo resident Simon Harriott contacted the Gazette when ...

'Stakeholder' evaluation called for as auDA moves to implement direct registration

In a submission provided to a probe of its own operations, auDA has recommended that it restructure its business model in order to continue authority on the .au domain space.

casual fee plan

Upgrading to bigger broadband plan. I received a call today from telstra asking how my usage was going I mentioned to the operator that ... Find out more. Hello. Profile; Notification; Messages; Settings. Register; |; Sign In; |; Help · Telstra Home >. Crowdsupport; >; Broadband & nbnâ„¢; >; Home ...

How much does the data last you? - Aussie Broadband

Hi WP, Finally going to take a bite out of NBN, although there are some issues appearing with AussieBB, they still seem to have the best overall reviews. Coming.

Business must tone down its lust for big data

Privacy is a human right, and businesses need to remember that. So do governments.

Vocus to restructure enterprise and wholesale arms

Under a restructure designed to push its transformation, Vocus will have four business segments: Enterprise and Government; Wholesale and International; Consumer; and New Zealand.

The Vocus Group Ltd share price is rising on a strategic reshuffle

As such the reorganisation may be related to the need to focus on Australia Singapore Cable sales in order to justify the significant investment into it. Management is also in the process of an attempt to sell off its New Zealand home broadband businesses and Australian data centre assets. The group will ...

Calls grow louder for NBN write-down

In the long run, if the government does not consent to a write-down or some other form of cash injection for the company behind to project, Mr Budde believes the cost of home broadband could edge higher for consumers. “Doomsday scenarios include continued political denial leading to increased ...

SoftBank to IPO part of its mobile business: Report

The Japanese corporate giant is reportedly set to part with a third of its mobile business. in a 'brilliant position' for NBN: Ruslan Kogan

Having never undertaken a large fixed-line infrastructure spend, Ruslan Kogan says his company is in a better position than most to offer 'incredibly attractive' services, especially with NBN currently focused on repairing customer experience issues.

4g laptop dongle

Mobile Broadband data contract price plans. The next generation of USB that supports 4GX. One important consideration when making the choice between 3G and 4G technology is the coverage available in your area. com: 4g usb dongle. Plus, we now also offer fast, hassle-free 4G ...

The Klingons Are Coming To Sweden And You Can Join Them For A Cultural Exchange

Although Klingons are fierce and warrior-like as a culture, their latest expansion into Earth territory isn't as hostile as you might expect - because weirdly enough, they're setting up shop in Sweden for a new cultural center dedicated to teaching us humans about Klingon life. More Â»

Canberra seeks four regional spots for startup incubators

The Australian government has kicked off the hunt for four organisations in regional locations to deliver incubator facilitator services for its Entrepreneurs' Programme.

NBN pillar goes missing

Technicians working to restore services.

slow internet

Hi, in the past few weeks I have been experiencing much slower than usual connection speeds with my ADSL2+ internet. The TPG speed test shows 3.4.

Optus accidentally blocks all links

Whilst trying to stop a phish.

Telstra Seniors: Compare Pensioner Broadband Discounts and Plans

While Telstra used to maintain a special plan set aside for pensioners that included home phone and broadband, you won't find it on their list of plans anymore. Similarly, Foxtel have retired their Senior's Plan and replaced them with even greater cost-saving packages, and believe it or not, that's not a ...

Tesla's Working On A Fix To Stop Its Wipers From Spraying People With Rainwater

Tesla finally got around to working out automatically activated windshield wipers, launching another "beta" test for the feature last week. There's a slight issue involving the wipers flinging water onto owners that still needs ironing out, but Elon Musk has announced that a fix is on the way. More Â»

Need Technician Help Phone Second Broadband: Electrician required in Arncliffe, NSW

Payam's Electrician job. Electrician - Arncliffe, NSW. I need a technician who can help me with the phone for the second broadband modem in my house. there is already 2 lines as far as I know. Need to ne done ASAP. Specific Job Details: Residential or Commercial: - This is a residential job. Electrical ...

Access email through vividwireless

Hi, i recently changed from Optus Home Wireless Broadband to Vividwireless as I kept on running out of download ability. Now I cannot send emails.

Almost 60000 Aussies caught up in NBN speed claim action

Nearly 60,000 Australians are due to receive compensation from the country's largest telco over misleading National Broadband Network (NBN) speed claims. Late last year, Telstra, Optus and TPG all agreed to offer refunds to customers who may have received slower NBN speeds than what was ...

Black Mirror Embraces A Season Of Firsts In This Season Four Making-Of Featurette

Black Mirror's fourth season is, in hindsight, a radically ambitious feat for Charlie Brooker and his team of reality-breaking creators. It faces the criticisms that season three fell into a rut of cynicism and familiarity with what producer Annabel Jones calls, in this Netflix featurette, "a series of firsts." More Â»

The National Broadband Network promised to deliver the future of the internet. Here's why it hasn't.

Experts say compared to the rest of the world the NBN is slow and already out of date. Deakin's Dr Lonxiang Gao explains how the NBN fairs in Australia.

Vocus splits enterprise and wholesale units

For stronger focus on Nextgen, ASC opportunities.

AMD Is Making A Really Great Case For Ditching Intel-based Computers

If the last week has led you to be wary of having an Intel CPU powering your PC then you might want to get excited, because it seems like AMD might have started actually making CPUs you'd want instead of having Intel inside. More Â»

Telstra Broadband

Hi folks,I am looking for some advice. I have installed a Telstra ADSL2+ service which is called standard and gives me 4.3mb/s download and between 350 and 430k.

Not a happy customer

Nbn was never meant for copper wiring . Heck even data was not meant for it. Why do we have to suffer scrap internet (nbn) all because Telstra had a whinge they didn't want their copper - 730877.

NBN connection

Hi, I have connected the NBN starter kit modem to our service. Can you please tell me when the NBN will now be connected and operating? Thank you. Regards, Royden Hearn - 730876.

Bruce Lee Wields The Most Impractical Lightsabers Ever In Fan Video

Martial arts legend Bruce Lee, sadly, didn't live long enough to turn in even half of the brilliant performances he was capable of, a tragic fact which leaves a lot to the imagination of his fans. Like, what would Bruce Lee have looked like as part of the modern rise of science fiction cinema? More Â»

Fisker's New Electric Car Bet Will Come Down To The Battery -- And Those Doors

So much about Henrik Fisker's EMotion concept unveiled at CES this year is both exciting and, for now at least, almost completely untested. Those eye-catching butterfly doors, for example? Fisker still has to figure out how to produce them at scale. He still, also, needs to get a factory. And then there's the battery, a version of which Fisker says will ultimately have a range of 805km or more, though we might not see that one for years. More Â»

5 Design Trends We'd Like To See More Of This Year

Looking ahead to 2018, there's plenty to be excited about when it comes to design. From technology companies who are finally starting to own their responsibility, to the rest of us saying goodbye to boring hardware - here are five design trends we'd like to see more of this year. More Â»

Tesla's Being Sued Again In Norway Over False Marketing Claims On The Model S

In December 2016, Tesla settled a lawsuit with over 100 Model S P85D owners in Norway, who had accused them of inflating power numbers in the car's marketing. Tesla settled for about $10,000 for each owner, or they could get some car upgrades or other forms of relief. Now, nearly 80 more Norwegian customers say they also want in on the action. More Â»

The First Standalone VR Headset From Google And Lenovo Is A Beauty

Every major VR player has made the same promise. A VR headset that would be completely wireless. One that would let you go anywhere without tripping over cords or being tethered to a computer/phone/PS4. Google, which has spent more than a year quietly improving its VR platform, Daydream, is now the first company to cross the standalone finish line. The Daydream-powered Lenovo Mirage Solo is a beauty. More Â»

The Sydney Trains Debacle Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

Last week, Sydney's rail system went into complete meltdown and a lot of people were very unhappy about it. Things aren't about to get better. More Â»

The Trailer For The Handmaid's Tale's Second Season Is Full Of Rebellion And Desperation

The Handmaid's Tale is ready to break new ground, and the trailer for its second season is expansive enough to prove it. More Â»

Auto Execs Finally Admit Our Driverless Future Isn't, Like, Two Years Away

You get so much at CES these days. microchips, VR headsets, robots, gadgets for olds and desperate pleas for VC money. One thing you don't often get is realism. But at this year's tech show, auto and startup executives alike are tamping down expectations about when our autonomous, driverless robot car future will happen. No shit, guys! More Â»

The American Dreams Of China's Biggest Smartphone Brand Are Basically Dead

Photo. Getty Lawmakers are determined to bury any dreams that Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei has ever had of gaining traction in the US. After pressuring AT&T to kill a major deal with the company this week, members of US ongress are now moving forward with a bill that would ban the US federal government from working with contractors that use any equipment from Huawei or ZTE. More Â»

There Are Robots In The International Space Station Coded By Australian High School Students

Feeling like you're not achieving much in life? This probably isn't going to help. More Â»

Siri Can Check Your ING Bank Balance

If you're an ING customer, you don't even need to touch your iPhone to see how much you have in your bank account anymore. ING is the first Australian bank to offer Siri voice control, with more expected to follow suit. More Â»

How The Shape Of Water Devours The American Dream

For anyone familiar with the work of Guillermo Del Toro, they will know that he has a penchant for monster movies, and utilising them to explore both the innate flaws and immense beauty that humanity has to offer. Although that concept that ‘the humans were the monsters all along’ seems trite, Del Toro manages to explore it in a way that is fresh and intricate. While still hitting on the themes that fans have come to expect from him. More Â»

Pretty Soon A Smart Assistant Won't Be A Choice

I recently bought three Google Home Minis =- two for me, and one for my lovely parents. More Â»

Acer's Swift 7 Is The Thinnest Laptop In The World, Again

Even though the battle to slim down laptops has slowed in recent years, that hasn't stopped Acer from trying. And with the second-generation Swift 7, Acer has retaken the crown for having the thinnest laptop in the world. More Â»

We're Getting Closer To A Working Switch Emulator

One of the creators of the rather popular Citra 3DS Emulator has announced they are working on a new project - a Nintendo Switch emulator for Windows, Mac and Linux. More Â»

SteelSeries' Dual-Sensor Mouse Could Be The King Of Precision

Often, the most exciting thing about new gaming hardware is how many RGB lights have been crammed into it. So instead of trying to fuel our inevitable rainbow-coloured dystopian future, SteelSeries looked for a different way to enhance its Rival 600 mouse. More Â»

How To Easily Switch Your Two-Factor Security To A New Phone

When you're switching phones after an upgrade or an accident, the job of checking up on your two-factor verification apps can get lost in the hustle of transferring photos, contacts, messages, and all the other stuff that more quickly comes to mind. Without your security codes, though, you might get locked out of your key online accounts -- here's how to make sure that doesn't happen. More Â»

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos Revival Is Finally Getting A Second Season

The 2014 Cosmos revival, A SpaceTime Odyssey, was a massive success, and now, finally, it's getting the second season it deserves. More Â»

Google Can Now Tell You Which Works Of Art You Look Like

If you've seen a lot of people suddenly sharing uncannily similar artistic doppelgängers of themselves recently, Google's facial recognition abilities and massive database of art are to blame. The tech giant recently recently added a new feature to its Arts and Culture app which allows users to snap a photo and instantaneously get a list of portraits they resemble, and it's pretty good. More Â»

The Walking Dead Gets Renewed For A 9th Season

The Walking Dead, like the zombie apocalypse its story is about, will never end. Or, at least, it won't end in the next year. More Â»

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Peru

A "strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake" has struck the southern coast of Peru, leaving at least one dead, several missing, and dozens injured. More Â»

Spectre puts the brakes on CPU need for speed

Instead of focusing on single-digit percentage increases in performance, a bigger question needs to be asked: Is it safe?

Telstra CEO: 2018 will be big for 5G

The rollout of commercial 5G networks could begin in 2019 if standardisation and technologies are set during 2018, Telstra CEO Andy Penn has said, adding that Telstra is a world leader in the space.

Median 'dwell' time for cyber intrusion highest in APAC at 172 days: FireEye

The time between an attacker compromising a secured network and the breach being detected is the highest in the APAC region, with the median 'dwell' time 73 days above the global median of 99 days.

ASIC approves seven crowdsourced funding 'gatekeepers'

The country's corporate regulator has licensed the first crowdsourced funding intermediaries under the new money-raising regime.

Telstra joins Launceston's smart city redevelopment

Unveils national NarrowBand-IoT network.

CES 2018: Telstra NB-IoT network now live

Telstra has used CES 2018 to announce the launch of its NB-IoT network across all capital and major regional cities in Australia.

CES 2018: Dell announces new XPS 15

The new XPS 15 2-in-1 contains Intel's 8th-gen core processor with Radeon RX Vega M Graphics, with a 15.6-inch UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD InfinityEdge touch display.

CES 2018: Intel-Ferrari AI partnership will fundamentally change sports broadcasts

Intel's artificial intelligence partnership with Ferrari, announced at CES 2018, will involve aerial footage captured via drones, which will then be mixed and curated to create personalised feeds.

CES 2018: Intel proclaims 'major breakthrough' in quantum computing chip

Intel's CES 2018 keynote focused on its 49-qubit quantum computing chip, VR applications for content, its AI self-learning chip, and an autonomous vehicles platform.

Kodak bitcoin miner on display at CES 2018

A Kodak Blockchain Project licensee has displayed the Kodak KashMiner during CES 2018, with plans to split the proceeds with customers on mining bitcoin.

​Cops raid cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea: Report

Authorities raided South Korea's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Reuters has reported.

New Australian regulations to support driverless vehicles

Introduced by ACMA, the new regulations will enable the roll out of intelligent transport systems by Australian road traffic authorities.

Vodafone IT error let prepaid users avoid ID checks

Investigation revealed.

CES 2018: Mobileye claims autonomous driving solution more efficient than Nvidia

Mobileye has said its acquisition by Intel means it is able to bring both hardware and software together as a differentiation to rival Nvidia's hardware-focused autonomous driving solution.

Vodafone hit by ACMA after IT update allowed new users to skip legal obligations

For twelve months from January 2015, new Vodafone Australia prepaid users were able to claim the telco had verified their identities when it had not.

Defence makes a quantum call to arms

Applications have opened for the federal government's 'Next Generation' Technologies Fund, calling for quantum-related proposals that benefit the Australian Defence Force.

NBN Co to woo smaller RSPs with 'virtual' NNI service

Developing new wholesale option.

Vic govt to leave federal mobile blackspots scheme

Funds its own similar project instead.

Govt sell-off plans could cost chance to fix the NBN, ex-CTO warns

Telcos encourage govt to take NBN 'financial hit' instead.

NBN Co's 50Mbps promo expands to Telstra, Optus

Different interpretations of temporary offer.

Telstra, Optus, TPG and Vocus back NBN service terms inquiry

Extent of opposition to wholesale agreement revealed.

Telstra eyes high-altitude drones for broadband services

Potential successor to satellite.

Bulletproof board rejects MacTel's 'opportunistic' takeover bid

'Not fair or reasonable'.

Former NewSat CEO charged over false invoices

Co-accused also facing potential jail time.

NBN Co 'error' halves new copper cable spend

Overcooks its estimates.

ACMA imposes new rules for NBN migrations

Telcos told to fall in line.

Vodafone loses legal fight with ACCC over roaming

Judge dismisses appeal for review.

NBN Co's HFC freeze hits more than 500,000 homes

Number of premises unable to connect skyrockets.

ACCC abandons plan to expose NBN RSPs' CVC buys

But NBN Co itself must supply better data.

Govt to ditch Telstra's USO

After the NBN rollout is complete.

Cause of Basslink cable outage finally revealed

Exceeded its limit.