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nbn 50

Have only had NBN for a short period & now it appears that you offer double the speed for $10 less than I'm paying now. I've asked someone to contact.

100Mbps over ADSL2+?! - ADSL - Optus Broadband

An Optus rep is claiming I can get 100Mbps over ADSL2+ if I pay for the $20 speed boost! Just confirming is this legit or bullshit?

Optus broadband SIM card

Bought a modem but came with prepaid SIM card, 1175609951.

Why is Telstra inept

Broadband went down at approx. 4pm on Sat Feb 17, now 1.10pm Feb 18 in West Pennant Hills. Online system says no problems in my area. Made a call to Telstra, and they tell me via automated - 737858.

A Half-Remembered Retelling Makes This Star Wars Fan Film Special

There isn't a lot of writing in the Star Wars universe. Stories seem to mostly be passed along via oral culture -- one person telling a story to another, with all the foibles and forgetfulness personal retellings entail. This Star Wars fan film captures all the fun, and all the forgetfulness, of a good retelling. More Â»

Broadband outage

Broadband outage. Wondering if anyone has any information on what is going on with telstra cable. We live in Bunya (in brisbane) Queensland and the cable service went down. Friday evening and the telstra outage counter, which initially said it would be on ny 7pm just reset to say it would be another ...

This Could Be The First Drone-Caused Aircraft Crash In The US

For years, there's been a growing concern from US federal agencies and aviophobics over the effect of millions of remote-controlled flying machines populating airspaces. A recent crash might be the first case that proves that drones are in fact hazards for larger flying machines that carry people. More Â»

Hasbro Is Getting Into Crowdfunding With An Insane Star Wars Toy

Today, Hasbro unveiled Haslab, which promises to basically be the toymaker's answer to Kickstarter, for diehard fans of its toys. The new crowdsourcing program is kicking off with one hell of a project. a 1.22m long, 6kg intricate recreation of Jabba's Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. More Â»

Iron Man's Hulkbuster Suit Is Getting The Giant Lego Set It Deserves

When the Hulkbuster made its grand debut in Age of Ultron, Lego gave us a cool, but kinda tiny version of Stark's most impressive suit. Now, ahead of the Hulkbuster's return in Infinity War, Lego's knocking it up another notch with a lavish, 23cm-tall brick behemoth. More Â»

Freaky Flea-Like Robots Could One Day Flip And Tumble Inside Your Body

These tiny, flipping microbots, currently being developed by researchers at Purdue University, could one day deliver drugs directly inside the body. The magnetically propelled bots are no wider than a pinhead. More Â»

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Crayola's New Pen Writes On Any Surface Using Melted Crayons As Ink

Working in a similar fashion to 3D-printing pens, but without the futile exasperation of actually trying to make 3D objects, Crayola's new Crayon Melter turns colourful sticks of wax into a thick, goopy, ink that lets kids write on almost any surface imaginable. Can you hear the sound of parents crying in the distance? More Â»

Stationery design, Brand design and Brand identity

John Lewis Broadband - Stationery Design by NB Studio.

Internet access

Why does Telstra persist in referring to that company's product as a "service"? I pay for "up to 50 Mbps, but for a couple of days have been able to manage a maximum of 5 - 737796.

Quantum Hacking Could Be 'Catastrophic' If We Don't Develop Better Cryptography

Your data may be safe from a quantum attack... for now. When quantum computers develop the ability to crack present-day encryption mechanisms, will you be ready? More Â»

Optus home wireless mobile broadband modem

Optus home wireless mobile broadband modem Comes with two extended antennas Near new condition The item from no smoke no pet clean home Pickup Only ..., 1175554604.

Intel's Latest Graphics Drivers Promise To Auto-Optimise Game Settings

You take your life into your own hands when you play demanding games on an integrated Intel GPU. Sure, the company is making strides towards better hardware, but performance still pales to products from dedicated vendors. Even so, Intel is looking to shore up the software side of the equation, introducing automatic configuration for a number of titles in its latest graphics driver. More Â»

Hasbro Says It Will 'Reset The Future Directon' Of The Transformers Movies After Bumblebee

Last November, Hasbro announced a new deal with Paramount to create a range of movies based on its toy properties. On top of that, the deal will see the further expansion of the Transformers movie universe, starting with this year's Bumblebee spinoff. But after that, the future of the Transformers saga could be in for some major changes. More Â»

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Science Reveals Hidden Secrets In Picasso Works

Looking at a Pablo Picasso painting could be confusing itself. But scientists using x-rays have revealed secrets behind both paintings and sculptures of the famed artist. The Northwestern University researchers traced the exact composition of metals in five bronze casts to a specific foundry in World War II-era Paris. Another team even revealed a hidden painting behind the artist's blue-period masterpiece, La Misereuse Accroupie. More Â»

What Happened To Google Image Search And Why You Can No Longer View Images Directly

Recently, Google made a few changes to the way Image Search works, the biggest tweak being the removal of the "View Image" button they would take you straight to the image's URL. Now, all you'll see is "Visit", which navigates to the page on which the image appears. So, why did Google do this? A legal settlement with Getty Images basically. More Â»

I Love Watching These Self-Balancing Boxing Robots Beat Each Other Into Submission

The self-balancing technology that powered the overhyped disappointment that was the Segway is finally living up to its full potential with Hexbug's new VEX Battling Boxing Robots line. You can not only build a pair of robo-pugilists that ride around on hoverboards, you can also fight them using motion controls to knock your opponent's head clean off. More Â»

Daily disconnections on FTTN

I am on FTTN, with very good sync speeds at 100/40 (295metres from the node). However lately I get disconnections almost every day. Today for instance I've had.

Carbon And Dust Fitness RPG Mixes Role-Playing, Exercise, And Kicking Arse In Space

By now, about 80 per cent of people have already given up on their New Year's resolutions. Luckily, resolutions don't mean crap and you can try to reach your goal again whenever the hell you want. For those who've been wanting to work on their physical health, Darebee has released its highly-anticipated space opera fitness role-playing game, Carbon and Dust, which by the way is totally free. More Â»

Cable broadband down again

WAN connection down constantly - Cable. Hi, I got my Telstra Cable service in July and every since I have gotten it, randomly the WAN conne ... Find out more. Cable Elite broadband running slowly. For the past couple of days my internet speed has slowed right down, I am on cable elite and should .

The Andromeda Galaxy Is Not Nearly As Big As We Thought

The closest galaxy to our own is the majestic Andromeda galaxy, a collection of a trillion stars located a "mere" two million light years away. New research suggests that, contrary to previous estimates, this galaxy isn't much bigger than the Milky Way, and is practically our twin. This means our galaxy won't be completely devoured when the two galaxies collide in five billion years. More Â»

Protect Your Expensive Phone With Actual Rocks

So you just bought an iPhone X. It's fast, gorgeous, and everything you could ask for in an absurdly priced consumer device. There's just one problem. As good as it looks, it's way too precious for life without some kind of protection. You're going to need a case, but what kind should you get? Plastic is for peasants and leather is for murderers, so what is a responsible iPhone X owner supposed to do? More Â»

Moved from NBN to DSL Area

Hi All, Just moved from an NBN-enabled area to a DSL area (Carlton to Flemington VIC) Old connection was supposed to be switched off today and new one activated.

That Viral Video Of A Convenience Store Robbery Is Worse Than Fake

An extremely compelling video has racked up over two million views on Twitter in less than 24 hours. It appears to show security footage of two young skateboarders stealing chips from a convenience store when a dude with a shotgun enters and attempts to rob the place. And then the skateboarders totally stop him and then run off with the munchie material! More Â»

After 25-Year Run, Bandai America Gives Up Power Rangers Toys To Hasbro

Whenever you think about Power Rangers, chances are you think about the American adaptation of the Japanese live-action kids series Super Sentai, a show about brightly coloured spandex superheroes dramatically flipping away from pyrotechnics. But the toys based on the various TV series are just as important to the franchise. And now, for the first time in Power Rangers history, someone else will be making them. More Â»

Neptune's Stinky Dark Vortex Is Fading Away Like A Bad Fart

In 2015, the Hubble Space Telescope detected a strange feature in the skies over Neptune - a swirling dark vortex the size of China. Packing copious amounts of hydrogen sulfide - the chemical ingredient that gives farts their awful smell - this storm is not behaving as astronomers predicted, with the latest results suggesting the dark vortex is dying. More Â»

Instagram Bows To Russian Censor's Pressure, Will YouTube Be Next?

With fears of government crackdowns looming from every corner of the globe, tech giants have to decide who they're willing to piss off. Following a demand from Russia's internet censor, Instagram has removed videos relating to bribery allegations made by the country's most prominent activist. So far, YouTube hasn't complied with the same request. More Â»

Thor: Ragnarok's Blu-ray Extras Are Further Proof Jeff Goldblum Is An Intergalactic Treasure

Video. Pretty much anything can be improved by adding Jeff Goldblum, but Taika Waititi's Thor. Ragnarok really used the actor to his fullest potential. Marvel has been releasing a few of their bonus clips from the upcoming Blu-ray release, and with them we get to see Goldblum at his... Goldblum-iest. More Â»

George Romero's Final Book On The Living Dead Is Getting Released

Famed director George A. Romero, the man behind Night of the Living Dead, may have passed away last year, but his contribution to zombie lore is not over yet. The book he was in the process of writing before his death will be finished by The Shape of Water's novel co-writer Daniel Kraus. More Â»

CRISPR Isn't Just For Gene Editing Any More

Five years ago, when researchers first discovered that bacterial immune systems could be hijacked to edit DNA in living creatures, it was big news. The technology, called CRISPR, allowed scientists to more easily than ever cut and paste all those As, Cs, Ts and Gs that make up the base pairs of DNA and encode the world's living things. With CRISPR, scientists could use genetic engineering to tackle problems from disease to famine. More Â»

When Will We Finally Find A Truly Earth-Like Exoplanet?

There are many definitions of an Earth-like exoplanet. Some say it's a planet that orbits a star at just the right distance for liquid water to exist on its surface. Some say it's a rocky planet, such as ours. But determining if an exoplanet is truly habitable requires actually figuring out what's on the planet. More Â»

Snapchat CEO Is Totally Chill About How You Hate The Redesign

Hell hath no fury like a litany of teens crapping on an app redesign. And it seems that's exactly what happened with Snapchat's latest update, prompting over a million users to take some mild action in protest of the changes. But CEO Evan Spiegel is spinning this fury, somehow, as a sign of success. More Â»

A Toy Design Actually Forced A Change To Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars and toys have gone hand in hand ever since the franchise kicked off four decades ago. But usually, it's the movies dictating what we see on store shelves - not the other way around. But in one particularly odd case, it ended up being that way for The Last Jedi. More Â»

NBN joint committee extends investigation to business case, rural rollout

The joint standing committee is now accepting submissions on NBN's long-term business case and the capacity and reliability of its regional and rural rollout across fixed-wireless and satellite.

Cybersecurity startup Penten scores AU$1.3m from Defence for cryptography

The million-dollar contract is for the development of a cryptography solution for the Australian Defence Force.

Webjet launches blockchain-as-a-service hotel distribution solution

The travel booking site has signed agreements with Thomas Cook, DidaTravel, Mitra Global, and hotel chain Far East Hospitality to solve account reconciliation pain points with its Rezchain blockchain solution.

Australia also points finger at Russia for NotPetya

The Australian government has joined the United Kingdom and the United States in blaming the Kremlin for NotPetya attacks.

NBN Co fixes wireless when users go below 6Mbps peak

Updated: Looks for ways to cut lead times.

StarHub looks to increase enterprise AI

StarHub has reported revenue of SG$2.4 billion and net profit of SG$249.6 million for the full year, with only its enterprise fixed business growing as pay TV, mobile, and broadband all declined.

Gig City fibre spreads across Adelaide

Network expanding to 15 new precincts.

Ciena unveils 5G network solutions

Ciena's automated solutions package will enable carriers to run 4G and 5G networks simultaneously, and includes programmable network-slicing capabilities.

NetComm Wireless announces gigabit fixed-wireless device

NetComm Wireless has announced the 'world's fastest' fixed-wireless outdoor device, which will allow speeds of up to 1Gbps and will be used for NBN customers later this year.

Huawei announces 5G trial in Vancouver

Huawei has announced attaining single-user speeds of 2Gbps during trials of 5G customer premises equipment with Telus in Vancouver, using mmWave spectrum, Massive MIMO, F-OFDM, and polar coding.

Finance seeks another vendor for govCMS

Adding another vendor to the platform is expected to deliver further efficiencies and streamline the whole-of-government user experience.

Telstra launching London cybersecurity centre

Telstra CEO Andy Penn has announced the launch this year of a security operations centre in London, with the chief exec also discussing the USO, 5G backhaul, media services, IoT, and smart cities.

AC3's AU$24.7m acquisition offer accepted by Bulletproof board

After rejecting a AU$17.9 million takeover bid from Macquarie Telecom, Bulletproof has accepted AU$24.7 million from AC3.

Australian Securities Exchange looks to artificial intelligence and big data analytics

In delivering its first-half AU$230.5 million after-tax profit, the ASX unveiled a number of tech-based projects it has in the pipeline aimed at making business easier for ASX-listed companies, as well as for its own internal processes.

Bulletproof board accepts AC3's $25m buyout offer

MacTel sidelined.

Telstra to get more 'aggressive' after AU$1.7b half-year profit: Penn

Telstra will increase its 'intensity' heading into the second half of FY18 after reporting EBITDA of AU$5.1 billion and net profit of AU$1.7 billion, with CEO Andy Penn outlining the company's NBN customer improvement strategy.

QuintessenceLabs harnesses diode 'flaw' for new quantum number generator

​Hijacking a flaw in diodes to harness quantum physics, Australia's QuintessenceLabs has built a full-entropy quantum random number generator with a 1Gbps output.

Telstra delivers 85 percent of NBN speeds during peak

More signs the land grab is over?

NBN Co finally breaks out cost of FTTB

Third highest cost per premises.

Telstra and Ericsson attain 2Gbps 4G speeds

A year after launching gigabit LTE, Telstra and Ericsson have announced attaining 2Gbps speeds across 4G by utilising 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM, and aggregating 100MHz of spectrum across three frequency bands.

APDC drops NextDC datacentre sale price to AU$280m

NextDC will need to cough up AU$280m if it wants to own the three datacentres it currently leases from Asia Pacific Data Centre Group.

Singapore's OCBC Bank goes live with NEC's facial recognition system

Using NeoFace, NEC's artificial intelligence engine for face recognition, the bank is able to identify its 'VIP' customers as they enter the branch.

What is Australia's New Payments Platform?

The New Payments Platform officially launched on Tuesday, and apart from boasting near real-time funds transfer, it also promises room for innovation in Australia's financial services sector.

Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency details IT infrastructure upgrade

The Australian government entity has detailed its desire for 'contemporary' IT infrastructure as part of its digital technology refresh project.

Australia Singapore Cable prepares for start of main lays

Cable, repeaters now in transit.

Microsoft brings Scale-Up to Sydney's new startup hub

The startup hub in Sydney's CBD houses Fishburners, Stone & Chalk, Tank Stream Labs, and The Studio, as well as Microsoft's Scale-Up accelerator program.

Councils yet to get NBN area switch over the line

Still hope with nine active applications.

Users furious over Vocus Sydney data centre outage

UPS maintenance fail.

NBN Co keeps deploying new HFC despite sales freeze

Costs rise.

NBN Co 'open' to alternative use of its 5G spectrum

Migration costs could be bigger than they appear on paper.

NBN Co expects seven-fold growth in 50Mbps users by June

Abandoning the 25Mbps tier.

MacTel loses fight to force change of Bulletproof bid rejection

Takeovers Panel says no.

Telstra threatened with lawsuit over third-party billing cancellation

Firm claims financial hit.

NBN Co sees first major CVC increase

Coincides with temporary price offer.

NBN Co poaches Telstra business group exec

And reveals departure of comms chief.

NBN take-up dips as low as 39 percent

The search for answers.

Telstra, Vocus and TPG to trial NBN enterprise services

Ahead of planned Q3 launch.

NBN Co's 5G spectrum price blown away at auction

Confirmed to be below market value.

NBN Co cuts $184m deal for enterprise satellite service

Backs onto Sky Muster.

Telstra writes Ooyala value down to zero

Takes $273m hit.