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Previous house owner refusing to cancel service

Heyhey, I've just bought a house and in the lead up to settlement (Monday this week) I had organised Optus to move my existing broadband service to ...

How to pick the right home broadband plan for your family

The country's biggest telco, Telstra, has finally joined its smaller rivals in offering unlimited broadband deals for its customers, amid a surge in internet ...

Broadband bill

So i got my nbn connected last friday after it took them about 2 months to send a technician out to do it and today i recieved my monthly bill. Why.

Emirates signs Inmarsat for 50Mbps Wi-Fi

Inmarsat and Thales will provide Emirates' new Boeing 777X aircraft with on-board satellite technology providing customers with speeds of up to 50Mbps by 2020.

5G Networks set to target Aussie MSEs after $4M public listing

Broadband provider, 5G Networks (ASX:5GN), is set to go public on 17 November after raising $4 million in its initial public offering (IPO), in a move ...

Big data and machine learning algorithms could increase risk of collusion: ACCC

New provisions that have been added to the Competition and Consumer Act will enable the ACCC to address future machine-powered anti-competitive conduct, chair Rod Sims has said.


So my family moved back to nz and my housemate moved back in with her family and i had no choice but to move into my boyfriends family home ...

Optus launches 'Yes Business' SMB community

Yes Business will provide SMBs with a free-to-use online community where they can find advice and information on the common issues involved in setting up and running a business.

Telstra Broadband

Hi, Has anyone been able to get 250/100 NBN FTTH plans from Telstra? Right now it seems that AussieBB are the only RSP that have this speed ...

Former Telstra boss David Thodey joins Ramsay Health Care board, shares up

Mr Thodey led Telstra through a period of rapid change, including negotiating through the national broadband network and leading a push to get more ...

Cable - Telstra Broadband

Anyone from Telstra reading this ?. Can you look to replace this wonky post holding up your HFC cable ?. Does anyone know the best way to contact ...

Government reveals draft digital identity framework

A series of documents outlining the security and usability standards by which Australians' digital identity information is to be collected, stored, and used has been released by the government.

Telstra Broadband

I did format of my drive and i did back up my emails however it was the wrong folder and it should have been roaming. So now i have lost all my emails ...

Rejoice! Cathay Pacific is introducing inflight Wi-Fi

Flights with onboard broadband connectivity are becoming more and more common, and the Cathay Pacific Group is set to be the latest airline to join ...

Busselton's business sector set to boom

“As broadband connectivity becomes universal across Western Australia, I predict there will be further entrepreneurial growth and innovation in ...

AirTrunk announces second APAC datacentre in Melbourne

AirTrunk has invested AU$100 million into the datacentre located in the Melbourne suburb of Derrimut, which will have total capacity of more than 50MW.

Cathay Pacific will fit WiFi to Boeing 777, Airbus A330 jets

That will radically change on the Boeing 777s and Airbus A330s, which will use advanced Gogo 2Ku satellite broadband technology to turbocharge ...

Hera Syndulla May Be One Of The Best Star Wars Characters Ever

Image. Disney XD The midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels season four is over, and while it was light on mythology and mystery, it did establish that Hera Syndulla may be one of the best Star Wars characters of all time. More Â»

FCC plans to vote to overturn US net neutrality rules in December: sources

... the rules could spark billions in additional broadband investment and eliminate the possibility a future administration could regulate internet pricing.


Maybe you could investigate changing your plan, which has more data allowance. - 719281.

Microsoft using AI to empower people living with disabilities

There are issues around AI that require careful consideration, but that shouldn't curb excitement around what AI can do for people living with disabilities.

Watch This Neural Network Generate An Infinite Number Of Totally Unique Anime Characters

Video. Last month Nvidia revealed its work on using competing neural networks to generate random, but convincing, photos of non-existent celebrities. A website called MakeGirlsMoe does almost the same thing, but instead of celebs, it churns out never-ending headshots of anime characters. More Â»

Rethinking Finance

Few would realise the role Finance plays in the National Broadband Network, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, big infrastructure projects, and ...

Telstra reveals Perth suburbs most likely to 'Netflix and chill'

... favourite tv shows, movies and music - and the list is dominated by a number of suburbs already connected to the National Broadband Network.

Watch How Hollywood Fakes The Ocean Using Nothing But A Ton Of Water And Some Construction Equipment

Adam Savage and the Tested crew spent a bit of time behind-the-scenes of Blade Runner 2049 while the movie was in production, and seeing how the special effects team fakes the ocean by splashing around in a monstrous water tank is especially fascinating. More Â»

Apparently No One Cares That Someone In Riverdale Cured Cancer

Betty's mum is really terrible at her job. Not only is Riverdale's resident media mogul using The Riverdale Register to service her propaganda machine against the Southside Serpents, bringing the town on the brink of civil war, but apparently she thinks a man curing cancer isn't worth a goddamn cover story. More Â»

Cable - Telstra Broadband

Just had "thunder feel the thunder, lightning and the thunder" strike close to us and now my cable is down I can't be bothered to report it because they ...

Andy Weir Spent A Year Creating A City On The Moon Before Even He Even Started Writing Artemis

Humans do not yet live on the moon, but author Andy Weir has a pretty good idea of how people could - and would - make their homes and live their lives there. He also has a pretty good grasp of how people could pull off a heist there, too. More Â»

How Telstra and others "overcharged" NBN customers

Analysis: Bad process, bad data.

Watch NASA's Mars 2020 Parachute Unfurl At Supersonic Speeds

In preparation for NASA's next robotic mission to Mars, the space station has performed a successful test of a special parachute that's designed to withstand the intense speeds involved during an atmospheric descent. More Â»

Welcome message and then rings...

I have also been to many shops looking for a phone to do this. We have the TPG unlimited Broadband and divert all calls to a mobile phone. Thanks.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Son Resigns As Director Of Tolkien Estate, Ending Decades Of Tightly Controlled Adaptations

The news this week that Warner Bros. and Amazon are now working on a The Lord of the Rings series came as a bit of a surprise, since it'd been widely assumed that Christopher Tolkien would never give anyone the rights again. It's now come out that Tolkien, who has safeguarded the rights of his father J.R.R. Tolkien's work, recently resigned as director of Tolkien Estate - signifying a major change on the horizon for adaptations of Tolkien's work. More Â»

Australian 4G coverage in global top 10: OpenSignal

The percentage of time that Australians have access to 4G ranks within the top 10 globally, OpenSignal has said, with the fastest speeds nationally clocked by Telstra and lowest latency by Optus.

HR Truck Driver/Excavator Operator (Australian Broadband Company)

Job SummaryHR Driver Excavator Operator White Card Full TimeHR Truck Driver for a civil construction company building network infrastructure ...

Amazon Employees Use Pikachu To Test Automated Grocery Store, Which Is A Weird Thing To Do

Amazon is still struggling to get its automated grocery store, Amazon Go, to function right. Who knew it would be so hard to build a brick-and-mortar store with sensors and gadgets instead of cashiers? But in a recent test of the company's experimental Seattle store, some of Jeff Bezos' employees got a little weird. They dressed up in Pikachu costumes to go shopping. More Â»

Hawaiian Airlines Seals New Time Capsule With Over 100 Items For The Year 2079

We've looked at a lot of different time capsules over the years. And quite frankly, most are incredibly boring. But they don't have to be. More Â»

A Superpowered Movie From The Director Of Train To Busan Is Coming To Netflix

Over the past few months, Netflix has really gotten into establishing itself as a place for Asian-made genre content. Between the oodles of anime series its licensing and a whole host of Korean acquisitions, it's becoming a go-to place for foreign genre. Now it's bolstering that with a new Korean superhero movie. More Â»

Exetel tops Netflix ISP rankings for October

The Internet service provider Exetel has taken the top rank in Netflix's October ratings for Australian ISPs, a measure of the fastest broadband ...

20 Years Later, Some Killer Starship Troopers Behind The Scenes Footage Is Now Online

Image. Google One of the many reasons Paul Verhoeven's 1997 film Starship Troopers still holds up is its blend of practical and digital effects. And while digital effect videos can obviously be entertaining, there's something extra special about seeing a cool practical effect created. Especially 20 years after the fact. More Â»

It's Hard As Hell To Raise Venture Capital As A Woman

The venture capital world is dominated by men - and for companies led by women, especially companies creating products FOR women, pitching to these male investors can be a demoralising experience. Women sitting on billion-dollar ideas aren't taken seriously simply because the people writing the checks don't understand their experience. More Â»

Decapitated Male Mantis Still Roots

During sex, female praying mantises have a tendency to kill their partners with a decapitating cutting blow that would make a samurai proud. But as this shocking new video shows, just because a male doesn't have a head doesn't mean he still can't get it on. More Â»

In A Major First, Scientists Edit DNA Within The Human Body

For the first time, scientists have edited the DNA inside of a patient's body, in an attempt to cure a genetic disorder by permanently changing the human genome. The news, reported Wednesday by the Associated Press, represents a major landmark in science. More Â»

How Black Market Criminals Are Duping Apple Users Into Surrendering Their iPhones

A security report out today sheds new light on the lucrative business of unlocking and reselling stolen iPhones, a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise spanning the globe. The tools used by shadowy hackers involved in this black market trade were detailed in TrendMicro's latest research. More Â»

Bloomberg Is Starting A '24-Hour Social News Network' Based On Twitter

Twitter has not exactly survived the last few months with a sterling reputation, in between continued controversy over its failure to adequately address rampant harassment, allegations it sold political ads to Russian foreign agents, and most recently news it had verified the account of neo-Nazi Charlottesville organiser Jason Kessler. Then there's Twitter's, uh, presidential problem, which may technically be good for the company's traffic but creates a host of other problems with no signs of ebbing in the near future. More Â»

This Is The Best Gaming Controller You Can Buy

Controllers matter, especially if you're making the shift from console gaming, where choice is limited, to PC gaming, where the only thing stopping you from grabbing a specific controller is money. But while every controller is trying to give you an edge, some do a better job than others. Some feel more comfortable, some allow you to do more, and some just look cooler. So I spent the last few weeks playing a lot of video games to find the very best controller you can buy. More Â»

New Intergalactic Discovery Could Be Biggest Supernova Ever

The Earth, the Sun, Andromeda galaxy, they have all been around for as long as you can remember and as long as humanity has been around. So when a new light suddenly shows up in the distance, it's a weird occurrence. But a newly-detected explosion could be one of the weirdest - and it isn't the only one. More Â»

Playing SteamVR In Microsoft Mixed Reality Is A Bummer

In an infamous Twitter meme that misquotes Alan Moore's Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan, naked, blue, and seated in a crater alone on Mars, says. "I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives." He's a perfect candidate for Windows 10 Mixed Reality, Microsoft approach to virtual reality, that, starting today, is compatible with SteamVR. More Â»

New Firefox Defaults To Google, Ends Friendship With Yahoo

Image. Gizmodo Mozilla's new Firefox Quantum browser launched on Wednesday, and there's a lot to like about it. One change you might notice right away is that it now defaults to the Google search engine instead of Yahoo. Mozilla is framing this as doing the right thing for its users, but in reality, it may just be taking advantage of a really bad deal that Yahoo signed. More Â»

Justice League: The Gizmodo Review

Zack Snyder's Justice League is both the best and worst of everything we've seen from the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe movies. There are plenty of things to like, and about an equal number to dislike. But ultimately, its good things bumped up against the bad enough to leave me with hope and excitement for what's to come. More Â»

I Hate Selfies, So I Took One Every Day For A Year

People who take selfies are vain, narcissistic and self-absorbed. Why post self portraits taken in a dirty bathroom mirror on social media every. Single. Day? Is it for attention? Validation? Are you hooked on how many "likes" you get? Get over yourself. Before I decided to take a selfie every day for a year, I didn't take selfies at all. Because I didn't want people to judge me like I was judging others. More Â»

4 Updates To Mozilla's Overhauled Quantum Firefox

Image. Mozilla In the nine years that it's been around, Google Chrome's speed and simplicity convinced most of us to make the switch from whatever browser we were using before (though not everyone is a Chrome fan). With a new overhaul and some streamlining, Firefox is hoping to claw back some of that market share. More Â»

There Are Several New Poe-ments Of Footage In These Last Jedi TV Spots

We've reached the final phase of marketing for Star Wars. The Last Jedi. the copious TV spots. Several have come online in the last few hours, all with a little new footage, but nothing too spoilery. More Â»

Google Docs Is Down (But It'll Be Back Soon)

Locked out of Google Docs this morning? You're not alone. More Â»

Australian IoT tick is to certify a device can be secure, not that it is: IoTAA

Since there is no such thing as an always secure device, Internet of Things Alliance Australia has said a certification tick will ensure a device can be secure if used in recommended ways.

Huawei announces smart city control centre

Huawei's Intelligent Operation Centre uses big data, machine learning, and AI to provide a dashboard to collect, monitor, and analyse information to be used in city planning and management.

AT&T Minneapolis 5G network set for 2017 completion

Minneapolis will be kitted out with AT&T's 5G Evolution network using LTE Advanced technologies by the end of the year, with its stadium to see distributed antenna system (DAS) upgrades by the time it hosts the Super Bowl.

​Alipay enters Vietnam through partnership with NAPAS

The agreement between Ant Financial and NAPAS will allow Chinese tourists visiting Vietnam to use Alipay in the country.

Firefox add-on armageddon arrives: How to see if you are going to be hit

Firefox Quantum is set to speed up Mozilla's browser, but there is a price to be paid.

Acer reports highest net profit in 27 quarters

Acer has reported NT$1.45 billion in after-tax profit in Q3 2017, the highest since Q1 2011.

The future is fibre: Openreach

Fibre to the premises is the end goal for Openreach over the next 10 to 15 years, it has said, while Deutsche Telekom and NBN look to bring fibre 'closer' to the customer.

Federal Court refers Apple and ACCC to mediation over warranty claims

Mediation in relation to Apple's allegedly misleading warranty statements is to be completed by March 2, 2018 before a future trial date is set.

HPE launches upgraded high-performance systems for AI applications

The company wants to make high-performance computing and AI more accessible to smaller companies.

NBN looking into 1Tbps satellites

NBN is 'closely' watching improvements in satellite technology and capacity, with CEO Bill Morrow pointing towards terabit-per-second satellites being built by others.

NBN Co looks at 5G options in city areas

But Telstra agreements may make it impossible.

Eftpos joins Android Pay for ANZ and Cuscal cardholders

Nearly 2 million Eftpos-only cardholders from ANZ and Cuscal will be able to make payments using their Android devices.

Korea's 'gigatopia': KT delivering gigabit speeds over copper

Korea Telecom is working to provide gigabit-speed broadband even for its 10-20 percent of customers still on ADSL by using 'GiGA Wire' technology over copper and coax cable.

Victorian Human Services uses 'platform plus agile' approach for new applications

More than 30 new business systems have been delivered by the Victorian Department of Human Services using the 'platform-plus-agile' approach in the last 12 to 18 months, faster than it has been able to before.

Telcos draft industry code to improve copper broadband performance

Providers to co-operate for deployments.

Telstra will compensate 42,000 users for slow NBN speeds

FTTN, FTTB customers misled.

NBN Co goes on management hiring spree

Unveils plans to recruit 12 exec and general managers.

NBN Co readies 1Gbps enterprise Ethernet service

Will hit the market end of next year.

Cockatoos gnaw spare NBN cables on towers

$10,000 replacement on each discovery.

Superloop snaps up hotel wi-fi operator

Third wireless acquisition in a year.

NBN Co will stay off federal budget books

Profit warnings won't trigger a review.

TPG fined by ACMA for spamming

Unsubscribe should mean unsubscribe.

Telstra reviews its NBN CVC consumption weekly

Relies on modem telemetry to manage service quality.

Telstra to shut, 'contain' or shift 800 apps to cloud

One of 200-plus digitisation initiatives underway.

ACCC to scrutinise standard of NBN's wholesale services

End to the blame game once and for all?

Trans-Pacific subsea cable gets green light

Amazon, Facebook, SoftBank among backers.

How Telstra cut its dev time in half

Wants 5000 people on agile in two years.

ACCC casts doubt on future NBN profits

Lays out three 'medium term' options for govt.

Exetel to offer NBN-like mobile service

Underpinned by Optus.

NBN, mobile blackspots could face legal challenge

Labor advice questions validity of decisions.

Telstra first out of gates with RCS next-gen messaging

Feature-rich texting for Android users.

NBN Co strikes Defence connectivity deal

Upgrades links to 'non-operational' on-base premises.