Internet Speedtest

Internet Speedtest is a free service to analyze your internet performance quickly without hurting your data limit. The speed test usually transfers less than 9 MB of data, but may transfer more data on fast connections.

Speedtest Result

The Ping defines the response time of your connection in other words how quickly your internet will respond to a web request. Lower the response time better the internet connection.

The Download speed is how fast your connection can download data from internet. Most of the time download speed is much faster than upload speed. More the download speed means less time loading web pages, emails or streaming videos and better game performance.

Upload speed specify how fast your internet connection can upload data on internet. For most of the users Upload speed does not matter as much as download speed until if uploading large files/videos, video conferencing or video chat.

What is a good internet speed?

A good internet speed depends on your personal use. These days Internet speed is usually represented in Mbps (Mega Bits per Second).

Internet service providers define internet speed as Upload Speed and Download Speed. If your internet usage is limited to checking emails, browsing websites and occasional YouTube/video streaming then 3Mbps Download, 1Mbps Upload bandwidth would be enough.

On the other hands if you are into HD video streaming and online gaming and/or have multiple users using the internet, better to have minimum 10Mbps/1Mbps bandwidth.

How to increase Internet Speed? Apps and Devices
  • Allow Apps to use internet only when being used.
  • Close all unnecessary Apps.
  • Turn Off WiFi on devices which are not being used specially on a shared network.
  • Away from walls or obstructions
  • Above ground level
  • Near the centre of your home, or where internet is used most frequently

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